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Dr. Sanjay Kapoor is a Professor of Plant Molecular Biology at the University of Delhi South Campus. He obtained his doctorate in Chloroplast Molecular Biology from the Department of Botany, University of Delhi in 1992 before moving to Nagoya, Japan, where he worked at the Center for Gene Research on the interaction of plastid promoters and RNA polymerases as a JSPS fellow. Prof. Kapoor extended his work to eukaryotic gene regulation at the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS), Tsukuba Science City, Japan. In 2003, he joined Delhi University South Campus as Reader and nucleated a group that focuses on the identification and functional validation of key regulators of reproductive development and heterosis.

In India, he is among the pioneers to make use of whole-genome transcriptome analysis to understand plant development and stress responses and his research contributions have been published in top plant biology journals such as Plant Cell, Plant Journal, Journal of Experimental Botany, Plant Physiology, etc. His group has worked extensively on the role of MADS-box transcription factors and components of RNAi machinery. One of the MADS genes, MADS29, has been found to play an essential role in grain filling during seed development in a cereal-specific manner by controlling plant hormone homeostasis and starch metabolism. He has taken up the challenge of understanding the molecular basis of heterosis and identified novel components involved in energy balance in the hybrid vis-à-vis parents. Besides contributing to basic plant biology concepts, his work has great value to help improve yield, induce male-sterility for hybrid seed production and predict the potential of parents of hybrids.

He is a fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI), and has more than 60 publications in journals of high impact in plant sciences and a few patents to his credit. He has recently been conferred the Dr. R.N. Tandon Memorial Lecture award by NASI for the year 2018 for Outstanding Research Contributions in the area of Functional Genomics, Plant Reproduction, and Seed Development. His hobbies include photography and graphics designing; the new purple DU logo designed by Dr. Kapoor has been designated as the official logo of the University of Delhi, since 2014. He has also developed the DPMB and his lab websites, which he is maintaining for the past ten years.

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