Research Projects


2015 – 2020; Role: Principal Investigator; Funding: DBT (5-years; Till Nov 19, 2020)
Sub-project IV: Characterization of Gene Regulatory Networks and Transcriptional Mechanisms that Control Male Gametophyte, under National Rice Functional Genomics Consortium Project entitled,  Development in Rice Functional Characterization of Genetic and Epigenetic Regulatory Networks Involved in the Reproductive Development in Rice

2015 – 2019; Role: Principal Investigator; Funding: DBT-NWO (4-years; Till Sept 11, 2019, Extended till Mar 8, 2020)
Indo-Dutch Collaborative Project on: Characterization of Molecular Components Involved in Pollen Abortion During High Temperature Stress


2009 – 2013; Role: Co-Principal Investigator; Funding: National Agriculture Innovation Project (NAIP)
Bioprospecting of Genes and Allele mining for Abiotic Stress Tolerance

2009 – 2014; Role: Principal Investigator; Funding: DBT
National Consortium for Functional Genomics of Rice (NCFGR): Phase II; Functional Analysis of Gene Regulatory Networks During Flower and Seed Development in Rice.

2007 – 2013; Role: Co-Team Leader; Funding: DBT
Center of Excellence (DBT): Development of High Throughput Approaches to Understand Molecular Basis of Heterosis in Rice for Precision Breeding: A collaborative project between University of Delhi South Campus and Maharashtra Hybrid Seed Company Ltd

2008 – 2011; Role: Principal Investigator; Funding: DBT
Screening of Biotechnologically Useful Enzymes  in Halophiles/Haloalkaliphiles from Coastal Areas of Gujarat: Molecular and Functional Characterization for Industrial Applications.  A collaborative Project Between UDSC, IIT Delhi and Saurashtra University

2007 – 2011; Role: Principal Investigator; Funding: DST
Control of Floral Organ Development by Methylome Profiling Using High Density Microarrays in Rice.  A collaborative project between UDSC and GGS Indraprastha University.
2007 – 2010; Role: Principal Investigator; Funding: DST-DEST-Australia-India Strategic Research Fund
Meiosis in wheat and rice: are the interactions and regulation of this process conserved between other diverse eukaryote organisms? Indo-Australian Joint Project between University of Delhi South Campus and Adelaide University, South Australia
2004-2009; Role: Principal Investigator; Funding: DBT
National Consortium for Functional Genomics of Rice (NCFGR): Phase I. Identification and functional analysis of transcription factors and signal transduction components involved in the regulation of reproductive floral-organ development in rice

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