2015 Mar 27: Insights into role of MADS29 and evolution of cereal-type seed development. Department of Plant Molecular Biology DU UGC SAP Workshop 2015 (Invited Lecture).

2015 Mar 18: National Conference on Biodiversity & Bioresource Utilization, at the Department of Biosciences, Saurashtra University, Rajkot 360 005, Gujarat: MADS29: A Key Regulator of Seed Development in Rice. An Example of how is biodiversity created!

2015 Mar 16: Dayal Singh College DU: Regulators of Reproductive Development in Angiosperm: Methodology and Discovery of Novel Regulatory Genes.

2015 Feb 26: Japan-India Science Seminar, at IIT-Delhi: Role of Plant Long non-coding RNAs in Stress and Reproductive Development.

2015 Jan31: IARI Plant Phys: New Insights into Regulatory Mechanisms Involved in Anther and Seed Development in Rice

2014 Dec 9: GRC Khajuraho: Identification and Functional Characterization of OsMADS29: A key regulator of Seed Development in Rice

2014 Oct10: Gargi College DU: High Throughput Transcriptome Analysis  & Its Applications

2014 April: ICGEB New Delhi: MADS29: A Transcription Factor that Controls Seed Development in Rice

2014 March: Transcription Assembly Meet JNCASR, Bangaluru: Molecular Bureaucracy: Multiple level control of rice MADS29 function during embryo and endosperm development

2014 March: Nagoya City University, Nagoya Japan: Regulators of Reproductive Development in Rice

2013 Dec:  Rice MADS29: An Important Regulator of Seed Development whose Function is Tightly Regulated at Multiple Levels. Indo-Japan Joint Workshop on "Signal sensing and transduction in photosynthetic organisms-from cyanobacteria to land plants" 16 to 18 December 2013, University of Hyderabad.

2013 Nov. Rice MADS29: Its role in embryo and endosperm development and regulation of its function. International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics (ISRFG 2013). New Delhi.

2013 Sept. Fluorescence and Confocal Imaging: Methodology, Applications and Relevance.  Botanical  Society Inaugural Lecture--Miranda House. 

2013 Feb.  Understanding Regulation of Plant Reproduction, The high throughput way. National Science Day Symposium, Univ. of Delhi South Campus (Invited Lecture)

2013 Feb.  Whole Genome Microarray-Based Transcriptome Analysis to Identify Major Players Involved in Reproductive Development and Stress in Plants. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College Karam Pura Delhi (Invited Lecture)

2012 Sept. Heterosis: A tough nut to crack. National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR) New Delhi. (Invited Lecture)

2012 Sep. From A Compendium of Gene Expression Profiles to Validation of Gene Function: An Experimental Approach. Department of Biotechnology, Pantnagar University, (Invited Lecture).

2012 Aug. High Throughput Technologies to Understand Structure and Function of Eukaryotic Genomes. IIT Delhi, (Invited Lecture)

2012 Jul. What are Transgenic Plants? Should we be scared of them!, Suncity School, Gurgaon (Invited Lecture)

2012 Mar. Utilization of Transcriptomic Resources to Understand Molecular Basis of Reproductive Development in Monocots. NBPGR, New Delhi (Invited Lecture)

2012 Jan. Characterization of Anther and Seed Transcriptomes to Identify Key players involved in the Regulation of Male Meiosis and Endosperm Development in Rice. Transcription Meeting Hyderabad (Oral Presentation).

2011 Feb.: Aligarh Muslim University (Invited Lecture).

2011 Nov: High throughput transcriptomics reveals major genes categories involved in anther and seed development in rice. SBC Lucknow. (Invited Speaker)

2011 Oct. Functional Characterization of a novel seed-specific MADS box transcription factor involved in hormone homeostasis in rice. Indo-german Meet (INSA-New Delhi; Invited Speaker)

2011 High Throughput Transcriptome analysis for Functional Validation of Genes. NBPGR, New Delhi. (Invited lecture)

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